Plouf’s floating bathing suit is a revolutionary product in the world of children’s swimming, thanks to the technology and the material it is made of. The incredible floating capacity of the bathing suit is made possible by Fiber Air technology, a substance made up of 97% air (250 grams of woven fiberAir can flood a body mass of 130 kilograms). In order to achieve perfect buoyancy, layers of fiber air are placed in the swimsuit, the size of which is based on the weight of the body on the bathing suit. This amazing fiber rejects water and does not cools or warms. In addition, FiberAir is also heat-resistant: there will be no deformation to the material up to 95 ° C.\r\n\r\nIn any form of child body fall into water, the bathing suit floods the child’s body automatically in a vertical position to the surface, unlike other floating bathing suits that help keep the child in water, but in a vertical position. Even in a situation where a rupture of the bathing suit was created, tests proved that his expectation was in no way impaired.\r\nThe child can move independently and freely in the water, as if there is no float in his body (these fail their movements in water). Plouf’s swimsuit also helps children learn to swim because of the ability to move freely in water.