Gecko is safe when sailing\r\n\r\nSailing Jet floats in FIBER AIR technology and padded from the inside\r\nMade from 100% air-fiber technique and makes the garment alone overflowing\r\nCompletely repels water and allows alone to breathe because of the unique technology\r\nIt has a unique sewing machine which acts as a protective garment\r\nA high-necked turtleneck\r\nDouble click and extra safety on the front zipper.\r\nUnique sleeves for joints\r\nAddition of reflective strips\r\nPockets for pocket watch\r\n\r\nPLOUF’s sailing suits allow the user to float in case of falling into the water without a life jacket, at a rate of 50 Newton. The FIBERAIR technology makes the swimwear a great and elegant solution for safety during sailing times.\r\nIn addition, all of our floating swimwear keep the body warm and comfortable\r\nOur swimwear does not replace a life jacket\r\nAnd are available in M ​​L XL XXL\r\nThe safety concept of PLOUF allows users to cruise up to 50 Newton and protects against falling into water without a life jacket