We did it once more!\r\n\r\nThanks to FiberAir® technology, “Plouf” produces the first floating mattress, no longer needed to inflate and easy to carry anywhere!\r\n\r\nThe mattress is easy to fold, just like a towel, and allows quick movement from the car to the beach or pool.\r\nTwo uses for one amazing product: the mattress is used as a mat under a beach towel, or as a mattress floating on water.\r\nThe mattress allows for an enjoyable and entertaining family experience in the water.\r\nThis mattress can flood a body weight of 130 kg, despite being very thin.\r\n\r\nMattress “Plouf Safety Concept” complies with European CE standard: 15,649-3\r\n\r\nPunch resistant, easy to carry, easy to use and allows for a floating experience from another world!\r\n\r\nThe “Safety Concept Plouf” mattress is the latest innovation from FiberAir ™ technology.